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Checking other MVC teams OOC schedule/results...

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Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:25 pm

Drake 7-1 ranked #24. Never really thought a MoValley team would be ranked in this day and age. Drake has definitely been able to schedule incredible teams and their only loss is to #1 Notre Dame. Geesh...they defeated #13 South Carolina. Drake's RPI is #17....

While Bradley's 4-0 RPI is #43.

I wish that I had kept up with women's basketball....because what I learned and realized during Pingeton's Redbird era.....at least Drake's scheduling mirrors my memories of Pingeton's scheduling.

Watching the types of players that were on Pingeton's roster....a good MoValley team THEN had to have a superstar....in the likes of Cirone. Drake appears to have 4 double digit scorers...but not watching a Drake game...it is difficult to accept that a MoValley team this year....is a possible sweet16er.

The way the Redbirds have flopped since Pingeton left...what should have happened is the BIRDS should be scheduling and playing like the Bulldogs.
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